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Non-Dilutive Funding for Deeptech Startups: How the National Science Foundation Invests

Every year the National Science Foundation (NSF) invests over $200 million to help launch hard-tech startups. The government agency is often the "first money in."...


Strategies for Deep Tech Investing with Eric Rosenblum from Tsingyuan Ventures

In this episode we speak with Eric Rosenblum on how to think about strategies for deep tech investing. Tsingyuan Ventures is the successor fund to...


Deal Sourcing and Climate Tech with Jason Holt of Baruch Future Ventures

In this episode we hear from Jason Holt on how to build a quality efficient deal sourcing practice. He shares his perspective on how to...


Due-Diligence – How to Evaluate Technology, Regulatory and IP Risks

In this episode we begin to analyze the Internal Risks of a company - Technology, Regulatory and IP risks are covered in this episode. Join...


Due-Diligence: How to Evaluate Competition

In Episode 4 we had put out a framework for 'How to Evaluate a Startup'. Episodes 6 and 7 discussed 'How to Evaluate the Market'...


The Process of Investing with Gopi Rangan

Join us as Swati discusses the process of investing with Gopi Rangan, an experienced investor in the insurance technology sector. We discuss the explosion of...


Evaluating the Team as an Early Stage Investor

Professional investors cite 'team' as the single most important criterion that influences the investment decision. Yet, there are no precise metrics that guide the evaluation...


How to Evaluate the Market for a Startup

In Episode 4 we presented a framework to Evaluate startups. The framework lays out several criteria along which you may evaluate startups. Market size is...


The Process of Angel Investing with Kiki Tidwell

Join us as we interview our guest - Kiki Tidwell - a prolific angel investor, philanthropist, and cleantech evangelist. Among her many activities, Kiki is...