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  1. Angel Investors Have Reason to Celebrate: Section 1202 has been made Permanent!

    In the spirit of the season, a holiday gift has arrived that will have angel investors rejoicing.  And surprisingly, it’s from the government. Just passed through Congress, the 2015 Omnibus spending bill is over $1.15 trillion dollars. It also contains over $600 billion in tax breaks. A handful of these breaks were passed years ago,…

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  2. Earn $10 Million in an Investment, AND Skip the Taxes!

    By Ralph Turlington Milton Friedman once said, “Nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program.” This applies to the government’s handling of the U.S. Tax Code as well as more visible programs. In 1993, the federal government established Section 1202 in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). At that time it allowed an exemption of…

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  3. What Taxes are Taking a Bite Out of Your Returns, and Why?

    By Ralph Turlington Politicians love touting small businesses. They create jobs, add to the local economy, and develop new and innovative technologies. Both state and federal governments have attempted to create favorable tax treatment for small businesses and their investors to encourage growth.

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