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  1. Fundraising 101: What’s the Real Value of a Startup?

    Putting a value on your visionary idea–you know, the one that’s going to change the world–can be tricky. To you as a founder, your idea is priceless. To investors…not so much. In reality, it’s investors’ job to think about it differently and press down on valuation. Understanding their perspective with regard to valuation will help…

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  2. Fundraising 101: Priced Rounds vs. Convertible Debt

    Priced rounds and convertible debt are the tortoise and hare of the investing world. Convertible debt, although quick and relatively painless, comes with more risk for investors, while priced rounds thoroughly (and, yes, slower) consider every aspect of investment before both parties jump into a deal. Although the original story preaches that slow and steady…

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  3. Fundraising 101: Terms Sheets

    Learning that investors are interested in your company is one of the most important milestones for a startup. There’s finally someone out there who sees what you see: a promising upstart brimming with potential. But in the midst of this exciting time, you have to ensure that you understand the terms that the investor is proposing…

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