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  1. Keeping the Patient in Mind: An Interview with Roz Potter

    Little matters more to Roz Potter than the health and well-being of the patients at the end of the pharmaceutical pipeline: “People tend to forget that, at the end of this process, there’s a patient who is hoping that someone comes up with something to help them.” After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry,…

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  2. Smell the Innovation: An Interview with Dr. Avery Gilbert

    In our latest feature expert interview series, we sat down with Dr. Avery Gilbert, a distinguished olfactory scientist, industry veteran, and President of Synesthetics, Inc. He shared with us what exciting breakthroughs and applications lie ahead in the world of smell technology. Propel(x):  You’ve had a long career in both basic and applied research on…

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  3. From Fusion to Free-Form Lenses: An Interview with Dr. John Rawls

    One of our key missions at Propel(x) is to demystify complex scientific and technological breakthroughs for potential investors.  This is made possible thanks to our committed network of experts and industry thought leaders. To put faces to names, we’re launching a new interview series focused on profiling our experts. First up is Dr. John Rawls,…

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